Girls Excellence Initiative
The Girls Excellence Initiative helps urban squash’s female student-athletes advance their athletic, academic, and professional development. 

Christina Brownell
Brooke Helihy Cooper
Carrie Erhard
Zerline Goodman
Julie Greenwood
Abby Markoe
Alicia McConnell
Chloe Mitchell
Sammie Rosado
Lauren Patrizio-Xaba
Meg Taylor

Squash Excellence Project
The Squash Excellence Project provides urban squash’s top players opportunities to receive private coaching and attend elite squash camps and tournaments.

Christina Brownell
John DeWitt
Chessin Gertler
Natalie Grainger
Christie Manning
Damien Mudge
Renato Paiva
Bryan Patterson
Ryan Thompson

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee, which consists of leaders of select NUSEA programs, upholds high standards of program quality throughout the NUSEA network by regularly reviewing our membership criteria and annually evaluating our member programs.

Derek Aguirre
Julie Greenwood
Terence Li
Chris Lynch
Abby Markoe
Renato Paiva
Tim Wyant

Alumni Committee
The Alumni Committee, which is made up of college students and college graduates from our programs, organizes alumni events, volunteers at NUSEA events, and provides networking opportunities to urban squash alumni around the country.

Tempest Bowden
Katrina Intal
Monete Johnson
Gabby Robinson
Melissa Sandoval