Scholarships & Grants

We provide a variety of academic scholarships to students and monetary grants to our member programs.

Exeter Summer School
In a joint-venture with Exeter Summer School, NUSEA provides scholarships to 10 of the most academically accomplished students in urban squash to participate in Exeter’s rigorous 5-week summer academic program in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Taft Summer School
In a new partnership with the Taft School, 8 urban squashers will receive scholarships to attend Taft’s 5-week summer school experience in Watertown, Connecticut.

Educational Grants
Nominees and winners of our annual Urban Squasher of the Year Award receive modest grants from NUSEA to support educational costs associated with college.

Travel Subsidies
We provide subsidies to offset the cost of air travel for students traveling to NUSEA-related events such as squads. We also provide programs with subsidies to offset travel costs when its staff members visit other NUSEA member programs.

Summer College Intern Fund
NUSEA encourages member programs to employ urban squash college students from other NUSEA member programs to work at their summer camp and provide a meaningful summer professional experience. To facilitate this hiring process, NUSEA has an intern fund to help programs offset the compensation costs for each college student they hire.

Summer College Intern Fund (PDF)