We organize and run training squads throughout the year for the hardest working and most competitive players from our member programs.

Regional Squads
Regional Squads are run by volunteer-coaches in or near cities that have NUSEA member programs. Regional Squads are typically two or three days and draw approximately 10 players from programs in the region where the squad is taking place.

Development Squads
Development Squads are run by NUSEA’s coaching staff and area volunteers. Development Squads are typically three or four days, include as many as 30 players, and are inclusive of all NUSEA member programs. The marquee Development Squad is held in Philadelphia at the SquashSmarts facilty each September alongside the U.S. Open professional tournament at Drexel University.

Elite Squads
Elite Squads are run by NUSEA’s coaching staff and area volunteers. Elite Squads run as long as four days, draw approximately 10 players, and are open only to the very top NUSEA players in the country, irrespective of program affiliation.

This summer NUSEA is running training squads at Deerfield Academy and at Stanford University. To contribute, please follow the links below:

Deerfield Elite Squad – June 29-July 2

Virginia Summer Squad – July 17-July 20

Stanford Summer Squad – July 30-August 2